About Us
NBC is a unique trade association in the MBHO and EAP industry.

The National Behavioral Consortium was founded in 1998 as a not for profit association. Membership in NBC is by invitation only.

NBC is comprised of regional MBHO and EAP companies who share a similar philosophy and focus on ethical performance of services, collaborative relationships with provider networks and innovation in support of clinical and quality outcomes.

All members of NBC are governed by a set of Bylaws which help structure the roles and responsibilities of the organization to the members and also delineates member commitments to the mission and goals of NBC.

Meetings are held three times per year in different regions of the continental United States. The meeting agendas emphasize invited speakers from the areas of basic science, applied science, industry leaders and accreditation bodies such as URAC and NCQA. In addition, the meetings provide discussion time among the members to discuss a broad range of topics including: quality improvement, best practices in administration, MBHO and EAP industry trends and NBC specific initiatives.
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