Founded in 1997, NBC is a non-profit association of Employee Assistance and Managed Behavioral Health innovators dedicated to improving employee wellbeing and setting the standards for workforce support.  Run by members, NBC comprises the industry’s premier visionaries and thought leaders – individuals whose expertise and commitment have not only shaped their respective fields, but continue to define them today.

Enhancing Workforce Productivity and Employee Wellbeing

As top-tier providers, we:

  • Help employees address emotional, mental health, work-life and workplace challenges, while guiding managers and executives on leadership and workforce issues
  • Provide convenient, easy access to high-quality clinical networks – via phone, text, video, in-person sessions and other modalities – to help ensure a healthier, higher performing workforce
  • Offer a wide range of employee assistance beyond mental health, including legal and financial guidance, child and elder care sourcing, crisis management, leadership development and more
  • Serve 100% of employees at organizations of all sizes, in all sectors, assisting at every organizational level based on each cohort’s distinct needs and characteristics
  • Work as a committed, collaborative HR partner, drawing on extensive experience and continually meeting changing needs with innovative solutions
  • Support over 30 million lives nationally and globally.

Sharing Insights and Outcomes

Membership in NBC is by invitation only. Members meet in person twice per year and remotely multiple times throughout the year in an open, supportive environment to engage in formal presentations, informal discussions and networking opportunities, sharing unique ideas, experiences and insights to help advance care.

NBC Partners

  • NBC is proud to partner with EA Archives in its mission to collect and make publicly accessible original works, historical documents and other materials related to the EAP field. The Archive preserves important documents in, and directly related to, the EAP field and serves as a global repository for significant publications and presentations related to EAP.