The National Behavioral Consortium

Sharing Ideas to Advance Care

The National Behavioral Consortium (NBC) is a trade association that enables thought leaders from Employee Assistance Program (EAP) companies, Managed Behavioral Health (MBH) organizations and affiliated partners to share ideas and experiences to better serve those facing emotional and everyday challenges. A mix of formal presentations and informal discussions, NBC meetings are held three times a year, offering members an open, supportive environment that helps:

  • Accelerate Professional Development โ€“ by providing in-depth presentations on real-world issues, along with the opportunity to directly exchange solutions and challenges with other senior-level leaders
  • Drive Business Growth โ€“ by staying up to date on industry trends and innovations, discovering best practices and receiving advice on cutting costs, increasing competitiveness and more
  • Expand Personal and Professional Networks โ€“ by establishing connections with like-minded entrepreneurs, influencers and innovators from across the U.S., while gaining support from trusted colleagues