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Austin, TX

A nonprofit headquartered in Austin, Texas, Alliance Work Partners has been providing employee assistance program services for nearly five decades. We work with each partner to create a program well suited to protect your most valuable assets – your employees! Counseling, personal and professional training, legal/financial consultations, work-life services and critical incident stress response are standard in all packages.

New York, NY

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide. AFSP creates a culture that’s smart about mental health through education and community programs, develops suicide prevention through research and advocacy, and provides support for those affected by suicide. 

Portland, Oregon

Founded in 1975, Canopy has been committed to creating happier and healthier futures and supporting organizational success. Ongoing collaboration, finding new ways to solve problems, and serving people with heart is at the center of how we operate. We provide counseling services, behavioral coaching, digital mental health tools, organizational support, and crisis response to organizations nationally with a global reach.


From prevention to intervention, Carebridge EAP provides mental health care and work-life benefits to employees and their loved ones. For over 30 years, we have worked with premier organizations to create mentally healthy workforces nationwide. Our mission is to provide easy, 24-7 access to mental health counseling, certified life coaching, behavioral change tools, and mindfulness practice through telehealth, in-person, phone, chat, and our digital platforms.

Established in 1999, CBHA is a behavioral health benefits management organization dedicated to administering benefits in support our clients’ goal to ensure their employees and dependents receive quality behavioral health services. CBHA strives to improve member and provider experiences in the use of behavioral health benefits. CBHA’s mission is to support members when they access their behavioral health benefits, and to ensure that benefits are used effectively and efficiently. Ultimately, our goal is “to do the right thing for the right reasons.” 

Framingham, MA

CMG Associates is a comprehensive employee assistance program provider that goes well beyond the traditional suite of information, referral, and counseling services. Our experience-driven philosophy is that supporting the workforce at all organizational levels helps employees be their best both at work and in life. We are a full-service employee assistance program provider with over three decades of excellence supporting human resource professionals, managers, teams, and individual employees – anywhere at any time.

Companion Benefit Alternatives (CBA) helps members navigate the complicated healthcare system through partnering with health insurers to administer behavioral health services.  With over 30 years of experience, CBA’s case management and population health programs, integrate behavioral health and physical health services to address the entire member along their treatment continuum.  The company managed over 2.5 million members around the country, transforming the management of behavioral health through whole person care, innovative provider contracting and digital member engagement. 

Mountain View, CA

Concern is a top tier provider of employee mental health services and comprehensive crisis and organizational support. We offer confidential access to counseling, coaching, work-life services, guided mindfulness, and digital self-help, all powered by our full-service digital platform. Our approach is the right blend of human connection and innovation.


Continuum has been committed to providing employee assistance, training, and consulting services to our member companies since 1974. We provide a variety of high-quality customized services to meet the needs of both employees and organizations. We are committed to working with organizations of all sizes to help them problem solve meet their potential.

Asheville, NC

For more than 30 years, Employee Assistance Network has been a provider of employee assistance programs, workplace-related consultation, training, and education programs. EAN is a private, free standing company committed to providing high quality EAP services. EAN provides personalized, affordable services to employer groups of all sizes. Our team of licensed counselors and consultants are committed to providing services of the highest quality to both the individuals and organizations we serve. Our goal is to be partners in productivity by helping employees and management maintain healthy, thriving, and productive workplaces.


Since 1987, ESI Employee Assistance Group has provided EAP services, offering extensive benefits to employees and a suite of services for HR managers. Serving various sectors like government, healthcare, and education, we support over 2,700 organizations and 1,500,000+ members across the US and Canada. In 2021, ESI became a subsidiary of Medical Mutual of Ohio, enhancing our commitment to employee well-being and organizational support.

Columbia, SC

First Sun EAP offers an integrated suite of well-being solutions for small to mid-sized organizations to help employees, leaders and the organization reach full potential.  From our top-tier EAP to our training, coaching and specialized population programs, we tailor our services to meet customer needs.  When you choose First Sun, it’s all about you.

St. Louis, MO

H&H Health Associates delivers exceptional, custom-tailored Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Workplace Wellness services on a national platform. Our unique approach, focused on both the emotional and physical health of clients, create positive and lasting results for the individuals and organizations we serve.


InfoMC has more than 20 years of experience personalizing the delivery of services and value across behavioral health, work-life, and social determinants to support a holistic approach to care so you can make a bigger impact on your population. Our technology enables behavioral health and employee assistance programs to more effectively manage care and services, and help people overcome the difficulties that can impact their mental health and overall wellness. Our software is purpose-built to empower organizations to efficiently engage and collaborate to improve timely, person-centered care delivery across providers, programs, and community services, increase efficiency, and improve outcomes.

Southborough, MA

Founded in 1982, KGA combines proven employee assistance services with the industry’s most innovative on-demand platforms and programs to meet the needs of today’s workforce – and tomorrow’s. We tailor our services to each client’s needs, offering fully integrated mental health, work-life, crisis response and organizational support services across a single platform with live, personal support whenever needed. 


The KonTerra Group was founded in 2007 by Rick Augsburger & Bryan Martin. We specialize in supporting international development, advocacy, and humanitarian organizations and their staff. We help organizations, their teams, and their people leverage strengths to build resilience and thrive in the midst of challenges. Doing so leads to healthier, stronger, and more productive people and helps organizations fulfill their duty of care to their team members. When stressors – like working in unfamiliar cultures or unstable environments or experiencing a traumatic incident – are added to routine work stress, employees can face serious psychological risk. We work directly with individuals and teams to equip them with new ways of viewing stress and with tools to manage and work through the challenges they face, particularly in high stress environments. We support a range of client organizations with our Employee Resilience Program (ERP)/Employee Assistance & Resilience Program (EARP) services that include short-term solution focused counseling, management consultation, Critical Incident Services, Trainings & Webinars, Organizational Resilience, Evaluation & Organizational Learning and Peer Support Development.

Saint Petersburg, FL

Founded in 2000, Life Advantages is an innovative technology company that has partnered with more than 70 EAPs in the last 15 years to create unique, customized solutions. We currently provide our products to more than 30K employer groups, covering more than 7 million lives.

Boston, MA

Mass General Brigham Employee Assistance Program is an internal EAP and Work&Life Resource serving a Boston-based non-profit healthcare system covering 100,000 lives.  The EAP has served the two anchor teaching hospitals: Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital for over 30 years, in addition to 20 community and specialty hospitals. The EAP’s mission is to empower employees to solve life problems and promote work satisfaction and well-being through our consultation, support and education.

North Wales, PA

MHC is a nationwide provider of employee assistance and managed behavioral health services for more than 40 years. We specialize in providing customizable workplace behavioral health programs to meet the unique needs of self-funded plans and employers.  MHC supports organizations in promoting health and wellness through counseling, clinical case management, organizational services, and a dedicated provider network. Partner with MHC to empower wellbeing. 


MindWise Innovations supports the full continuum of mental health – from prevention to crisis response – with evidence-based solutions that educate and prioritize health for all ages. We teach students and school staff how to identify signs of depression and suicide. We create safer, healthier workplaces that understand how mental health intersects productivity. And we help communities recover after traumatic events. MindWise is powered by Riverside Community Care, a non-profit leader in integrated health and human services.

Littleton, CO

MINES, an award-winning international business psychology firm established in 1981, delivers a comprehensive range of behavioral health services to employers worldwide. MINES offers top-tier Employee Assistance Programs, managed behavioral healthcare, organizational development and training, wellness programs, disease management, specialty behavioral health PPO, and other tailor-made behavioral health programs.


Founded in 2007 as a Division of Three Wire Systems, MyAdvisor, provides care coordination services and support to those that need in most, meeting individuals where they are – 24/7/365. Expanding upon the success of our VetAdvisor Program- which provides holistic health services to Veteran populations, the MyAdvisor holistic health and wellness division builds on over fourteen years of proven results, providing services ranging from crisis care, wellness coordination, clinical behavioral tele-health sessions, financial resources, career development and referral management, all with one goal: serving those that provide service to others. From Veterans to military families, caregivers to teachers, from students to parents, doctors and first responders, we focus on holistic health to treat challenges in concert, rather than as discrete symptoms- providing care coordination where it matters most.

Hauppauge, NY

National EAP was founded more than 35 years ago and our mission stands as strong as ever today: to provide programs and services designed to help employees rise above personal and professional challenges, fulfill their potential, adopt healthier lifestyles and foster personal growth.  

St. Louis, MO

Personal Assistance Services (PAS) has been a leader in the employee assistance field for nearly four decades. Serving across the country and around the globe, PAS is a life event company that helps employees with virtually any life need: being successful at work, getting along with others; achieving life balance; being a better parent, grandparent, friend or spouse/partner; planning for the future; becoming happier and more resilient; overcoming addictions; solving legal and financial challenges, being more organized, and so much more. 

Profile EAP is an internal program for Centura Health (the largest health system in Colorado) supporting associates and their families, since 1982. In 2019, our Physician Wellbeing Program started which provides customized EAP and peer training services specific for our physicians and their families. Profile EAP further provides customized, outcome based, multi-service EA services to a wide range of Colorado based companies including healthcare, municipalities, school districts, Christian organizations, car dealerships and Olympic groups (USA Hockey). We provide face-to-face, telephonic, telehealth and other virtual counseling platforms for clinical sessions and a robust scope of services for work-life needs. Our reventative focus is based on partnering with accounts and leadership to provide easily accessible,
innovative, and nontraditional services. We use clinical outcome measurement tools to assist our referred and staff providers as well as pre and post outcomes to measure our effectiveness.


Protocall Services has been the best-known provider of clinical call center services to the Behavioral Health market for 3 decades. Since 1992, hundreds of organizations have trusted Protocall Services to be a seamless extension of their own teams to stabilize and support callers in crisis. With the 2022 launch of Protocall’s new Welltrack Ecosystem of Solutions, the company expanded its capabilities for seamless service across the behavioral health care continuum. The Welltrack platform now includes 24/7 coverage, digital self-help tools, care navigation, and a national provider network of over 12,000 clinicians, creating a unique opportunity for organizations to adopt a truly integrated approach to expanding accessibility without managing additional vendors and administrative burdens.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

We are the leading experts in providing behavioral health support to people and organizations facing workplace disruption and critical incidents. Our evidence-based interventions, specialized evaluations, and tailored behavioral health programs promote individual and collective psychological safety and thriving. We make tomorrow better than today by helping people thrive.

Sentara Employee Assistance Program was established in 1989 to offer our clients guidance and support for everyday life. We help members improve their personal and professional lives with our solution-focused counseling or flexible coaching options. Employees, managers, and leaders can access our robust catalog of training courses. We provide additional support to organizations with our expert Critical Incident Response Program. Our clinical team also has extensive experience in supporting first responders and developing peer support teams.


SWEAP Connections (formerly Southwest EAP) has provided companies with employee assistance programs and risk management solutions since 1978. With a passion for empowering individuals and organizations to thrive, we offer comprehensive support services that address a wide range of personal and workplace challenges.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping employees and their families navigate life’s obstacles, from mental health and addiction issues to financial and legal concerns. We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and our goal is to provide the tools and resources needed to achieve that balance.

Minneapolis, MN

VITAL WorkLife is the leading mental health and well-being expert for healthcare organizations and their workforce. We’ve focused on healthcare since 2007, and today our innovative solutions are leading the way in helping physicians, nurses and entire care teams address professional burnout, life challenges and barriers to seeking help.​

Workpartners is an EAP for Today. Part of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s (UPMC) global health enterprise and UPMC’s Insurance Services Division, Workpartners meets the challenges of our extraordinary times.  Workpartners has built a flexible, proactive, and socially conscious employee assistance program offering real solutions to today’s most pressing concerns. For over 20 years, Workpartners has helped individuals realize their physical and emotional well-being, and stay healthy in mind and spirit. We do this by identifying more, engaging more, and impacting more. We call our approach People Activation, and we believe it’s the key to ensuring individuals flourish.